This College has onus of transforming life of people of  Rajasthan in particular and western part of the country in general through quality education and programs of Socio-Economic and Scientific Development. The University has responsibility to establish high standards of teaching and research. It pledges to promote innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to make education relevant and meaningful. It aims to produce responsible, knowledge-rich citizens who should provide leadership and direction to the society in future. This University strives to play an important role in Industrial and Business Development, Environment awareness and Quality improvement also. The University has the responsibility to study biodiversity, natural resources and cultural-heritage of this area.

Championing the ethos of rationality and modernity for the intellectual advancement, the premier institute with its highly qualified faculty is imparting quality education in all the three streams: Science, Commerceand Arts & Social studies from graduate to doctoral level. An interactive teaching learning process is the distinctive characteristic of our institute. Students are generally taught by lecture methods; project-based and computer-assisted learning is also encouraged. In all the experiments of science subjects, learning is essentially practiced, while in senior classes seminars are regularly organized. We recognize the importance of providing support and guidance to research students at every stage of their work, ranging from planning the topic to the final touches of their thesis draft so that the candidate progresses at the right pace in the right direction. Ours is a students oriented institute, a place for free thinking, committed to groom, chisel and polish the potentiality of the students so that they become capable to serve the society.

To enable the students to identify and build on their abilities with firm and focused minds and develop a spirit of professionalism to perform in a competitive Global Environment.

To help create a knowledge based society with a scientific temper, team spirit and dignity of labour. Further, to create an environment where learning is a joy.
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